Katie grew up in a chaotic household.  She was emotionally abused daily.  At 16 the unstable, abusive environment became too much for Katie and she went to stay with a neighbour.  Unfortunately, her neighbour’s mother was taken ill, and Katie could no longer live there.  She had nowhere else to go.  At 16 she was facing homelessness.

This is when she found Nightstop.  Katie stayed for a three-week placement with one of our emergency accommodation, Nightstop, hosts.  With her hosts support she continued at college, keeping her dream of a brighter future alive.

Katie was introduced to Jo, one of our longer-term supporter hosts and instantly felt a connection.  In January, she moved in with Jo and her two cocker spaniels, Belle and Cindy.

Katie’s dream is to be a social worker and she had longed for a calm, safe, stable home environment whilst she finishes her education.  She needed someone to believe in her and provide her with the structure and emotional support she needs to fulfil her potential.  Thanks to supporters like you, Jo and her SASH support worker have provided Katie with support and guidance.

Katie said:

“I couldn’t stay at home any longer.”

“I would be called the most awful names daily and told that I was worthless.  As I got older, I became the second carer for my brothers and sisters.  I found it hard to concentrate on my education and was very unhappy.

“When I found SASH, my life changed.”

“I feel safe and happy for the first time.  My host, Jo is wonderful and I love spending time with her watching old episodes of The Bill and walking her two dogs.  All I ever wanted was a calm home where I could be happy and focus on my education.  I now have this and I am so grateful”.

This summer, Katie completed her Level 3 in Social Care.  She is now working in childcare to gain experience and points to go to University to study Social Work and fulfil her dream.

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