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She was petrified, because she was coming to live with a stranger I’d thought about fostering previously, but it felt like a step too far. …

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There’s a lot of young people who have nowhere to go, and it’s just heartbreaking I started offering Nightstop in July last year. I did that for a short while, but then decided that Supported Lodgings would suit me better – I found it hard asking a young person to …

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I first heard about SASH when I was 16. I’d left home after falling out with my parents and a Connexions worker at college told …

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Denise and Brian

Denise and Brian live in Selby have been SASH hosts since 2013. We moved in to this house two years ago and it had a spare bedroom, and I wanted it to be …

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"We have two daughters of our own, and we thought if anything had happened to them, we’d have liked someone to take them in."


I’ve been hosting for just under three years. It’s really good, but it does feel like it’s getting more challenging.  I think it’s because the …

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I started hosting about four years ago. I’ve had about 13 girls come to stay I think. I first heard about SASH via a friend …

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I’ve been a SASH host about four years. I love it. I first heard about it through a friend. She was fostering and we wanted to do the same, but we were told that one of us would have to stay at home and I love my job. So my …

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"I think the best thing I’ve learnt through hosting is that all these young people are just fantastic people. It’s restored my faith in humanity."


One of our Scarborough hosts (and also SASH Trustee), Chris Ridgway, tells us why he got involved with SASH: I‘ve been hosting for about two and a half years. I knew about SASH …

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