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If I hadn’t come into SASH I don’t think I’d be doing very well if I’m honest.  It’s helped me so much. I was living …

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When I had to leave my home, I was really excited about SASH because I felt it had a lot of potential. It meant that I could only blame myself if I didn’t succeed. If I was at home and I failed, I could always blame it on the situation …

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I’m 17. My mum left when I was two. Me and my dad never got on. We were arguing all the time and I kept …

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I left home at 16. I was living with my dad, but I felt like where I was I couldn’t be myself. I just wanted to go out and work and get on …

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"Without SASH I don’t know what I would have done." Oakley


James spent two weeks in Nightstop before going into Supported Lodgings. He explains how he became homeless and how he got the help he needed. …

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Hannah left home at 14 after problems with her family. She lived with her grandparents for just under a year, and started sofa-surfing with friends …

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This is my eleventh night in Nightstop. I’ve been around quite a few different places, mostly in York but Harrogate as well. I lost my job before Christmas, then I split up with my girlfriend, it’s just been going downhill since then, but it can only go up now can’t …

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"I think SASH has been the making of me." Zoe


When she was growing up, Abi’s parents had financial difficulties and the family moved around a lot, staying in different apartments and holiday homes. By the time she was 18, Abi did not …

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When I was 15 I got taken from my Mum, and put in foster care. It was a shock. I remember I got woken up in the morning and I had to take my brother to my grandma’s. Then the next thing I knew we were in foster care. I’d …

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I’m 17. I’ve been in SASH since the start of September last year. My mum died when I was four years old. I was living on my own in my dad’s house from the age of 14 because my dad had a girlfriend in Hartlepool. I couldn’t live with them. …

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