Young people stories


Erin was 7 years old when her dad passed away. She lived with her mum and siblings before her mum remarried and her stepdad joined …

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David had a traumatic childhood.  He was sexually abused at the age of 9 and grew up surrounded by domestic violence.  When he was 13, he started using cannabis as a way of coping.  Instead of this helping him deal with his trauma, it simply added to his problems.  He …

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Katie grew up in a chaotic household.  She was emotionally abused daily.  At 16 the unstable, abusive environment became too much for Katie and she …

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*Isaac, 20, came to SASH through our emergency accommodation service, Nightstop, in the East Riding area. “I used Nightstop so I wasn’t on the streets” “I used the Nightstop service so I wasn’t …

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"Without SASH I don’t know what I would have done." Oakley


After running out of places to sofa surf, *Clare ended up spending the night in 24-hour McDonald’s just to keep warm. Clare, who was just …

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During the first national lockdown, it became clear it wasn’t safe for Sean to stay at home. Imagine what a worrying time it was to …

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Nathan hasn’t been with SASH hosts for long, having moved into his placement from foster care in August, but he’s already getting stuck in with learning some new independent living skills. His host snapped him ironing bed sheets for the first time and helping out round the house. Nathan helping …

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"I think SASH has been the making of me." Zoe


“I wasn’t safe at home and I couldn’t be myself.” Jason left home when he just 16 following a difficult relationship with his mum and years of physical, homophobic and transphobic abuse from …

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“Nightstop for me was a new beginning; everyone was so helpful and kind, from start to finish.” When she was just three years old, Miah* was placed into care along with her sister, as it wasn’t safe to be around her mum’s boyfriend. Later, the sisters moved in with their …

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“I came into SASH when I was 16. Social services had been involved at home for a while and things weren’t getting any better. School finally stepped in as it was starting to affect my studies and mental health. I wasn’t ready for my own flat, I needed more support …

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