"Without SASH I don't know where I'd be now."

We give vulnerable young people a safe and stable place to stay, when they have nowhere else to go.

SASH is a registered charity preventing homelessness in young people aged 16 to 25 throughout North and East Yorkshire.

When young people are facing homelessness, we can offer a spare room in the home of a trained volunteer and support to move forward.



"My mental health got really bad. I developed really bad anxiety and I stopped going to college for a year. When I went into SASH, everything changed."

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"There was nowhere for me to go."

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"I’m 17. My mum left when I was two. Me and my dad never got on."

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Rachel, Scarborough

“Without SASH, you can’t begin to imagine what would happen to these young people.”

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Together with our volunteers, we support young people to lead positive, independent lives.

Chris, Scarborough

“I feel very lucky be able to do this.”

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Sue, Richmondshire

"Some of them want to sit and talk, others don’t. I just leave it up to them. If they want to be alone, they can be alone, if they want to be a part of my family, they can."

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Denise and Brian, Selby

"It’s nice to be providing just that step along the road to help them to something better."

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Our ambition is that those we help should never experience homelessness again.

Putting a roof over a young person’s head solves the immediate problem, but young people who become homeless tend to have very complex issues. We need to solve these too if we are to prevent homelessness in the long term.

We work intensively with those we help, our hosts and a multitude of other agencies in order to achieve this.

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