I had a fall-out with my family and left home when I was 16. I’m 20, I’ve been in SASH for about 2 years. When …

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Hasabo was brought into the UK as part of the National Transfer Scheme procedure in February 2017. He spent time at a welcome centre in Harrogate before moving in with a SASH host. “I am 17, my birthday is on Christmas Day. I was 13 or 14 when I had …

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If I hadn’t come into SASH I don’t think I’d be doing very well if I’m honest.  It’s helped me so much. I was living …

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When I had to leave my home, I was really excited about SASH because I felt it had a lot of potential. It meant that I could only blame myself if I didn’t …

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I first heard about SASH when I was 16. I’d left home after falling out with my parents and a Connexions worker at college told …

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Denise and Brian

Denise and Brian live in Selby have been SASH hosts since 2013. We moved in to this house two years ago and it had a …

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I’m 17. My mum left when I was two. Me and my dad never got on. We were arguing all the time and I kept running away.   I never wanted to be in the house, I hated it. I felt happier outside, staying in tents, away from my dad. …

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I left home at 16. I was living with my dad, but I felt like where I was I couldn’t be myself. I just wanted to go out and work and get on …

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James spent two weeks in Nightstop before going into Supported Lodgings. He explains how he became homeless and how he got the help he needed. I’m 19. I’m the second oldest of six in my family. I’m a carer for my eight year old brother, who has autism.  He’s the …

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Hannah left home at 14 after problems with her family. She lived with her grandparents for just under a year, and started sofa-surfing with friends when she couldn’t stay with them any longer. At 18 she moved in with her boyfriend and lived with him for a while, until they …

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