Zena and Gerald

“We can’t even imagine our sons coping like some of these young people have done, in that situation.” We’ve been hosting for about nine months. …

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“It turns you into a better person” I’m 17 I’ve been in SASH about nine months. I couldn’t live at home, because my whole family, we all just argued. I left home at 16. I was homeless for about four or five days, sofa-surfing. I found somewhere else to stay, …

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I feel safe again

Feedback from a Nightstopper: Jade* was referred to our Nightstop service and stayed with some of our hosts. We were delighted to receive this letter …

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Guy and Ruth

This is about normal kids who for whatever reason have found themselves without a bed for the night. “When we first heard about SASH, all our children were at home and our house …

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I’ve been the recipient of being taken into a home as a stranger when I needed help, so I know the difference it can make. …

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She was petrified, because she was coming to live with a stranger I’d thought about fostering previously, but it felt like a step too far. …

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There’s a lot of young people who have nowhere to go, and it’s just heartbreaking I started offering Nightstop in July last year. I did that for a short while, but then decided that Supported Lodgings would suit me better – I found it hard asking a young person to …

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My mum kicked me out when I was 18. The next day I went to the Hinge Centre in Bridlington. I didn’t know it was here, I just googled how to get help. …

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My mum died when I was 10. I was born in Scarborough, my mum was Scottish. My dad left when I was two.  We weren’t well off, it wasn’t the most financially stable of families. We moved around a lot. But she was great mum, she taught me to look …

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I had a fall-out with my family and left home when I was 16. I’m 20, I’ve been in SASH for about 2 years. When I was younger I was a bit of a troublemaker, I was very short-tempered. I was permanently excluded from school in Year 9. I had …

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