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A safe place to stay for young people facing homelessness

Last year, we helped 320 young people avoid homelessness.

Young people who need our help are referred to us by Local Authorities and other agencies. You might not realise they are homeless because they tend not to sleep rough – although some do. Mostly, they are sofa-surfing or staying in other unsafe places. This puts them at risk of dropping out of education, losing their job, or of abuse by those they are staying with.

In 2015 Centrepoint found that 26% of young people have had to sleep in an unsafe place and 35% had had to sofa-surf at some point in the past because they had nowhere safe to stay.¹

When someone is referred to us the first thing we do is offer them a safe place to stay, in the home of a volunteer host. But that is just the start. To make a difference for the long term, we have to work closely with each individual and their host and often bring in other sources of support.

Our Nightstop project offers immediate help at a time of crisis and support to find somewhere permanent. Our Supported Lodgings scheme gives us time to work with a young person for longer and provide more intensive support.

Our aim is to make a lasting difference to each young person, so they will never have to experience homelessness again.

¹Out of reach: Young people’s experience of rough sleeping and sofa surfing, Centrepoint 2015

David's story.

When David split up with his girlfriend, he had no-one to turn to and ended up on the streets. SASH helped him turn his life around.

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Seen someone rough sleeping?

If you are concerned about someone you have seen sleeping rough, please send an alert to StreetLink via their website.

Streetlink website

Know someone who needs help?

If you know someone who is 16-25 and needs help in North or East Yorkshire, please follow the advice on our 'Do you need help tonight?' page.

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