Without our hosts, we cannot provide our services.

SASH rely on hosts to open their homes to young people in need for both our Nighstop and Supported Lodgings services. There’s no such thing as a typical host – all you need is a kind heart, an open mind and a spare room.

What is a host?

A host is a term we use to describe the people that offer their spare rooms to a young person that has been referred to SASH in need of a safe place to stay. SASH hosts receive a payment to cover the costs of having a young person to stay, so they are never out of pocket. This will cover things like meals, hot water and clean washing. All hosts receive training from the SASH team as well as being allocated a dedicated Host Coordinator to take care of them throughout their placement and give them all the information they need about their young person. Read hosts’ stories.

What is a Nightstop Host?

A Nightstop host is someone who offers their spare room to a young person that has been referred to SASH in need of a safe place to stay that night. Young people using the Nightstop service are at immediate risk of homelessness. They can stay with a host for as little as one night, or up to two weeks, depending on their needs. Some young people placed in Nightstop decide that Supported Lodgings is a good next step for them.

What is a Supported Lodgings Host?

A Supported Lodgings host is someone who offers their spare rooms to a young person that has been referred to SASH in need of a safe place to stay on a longer-term basis. The young person may not have the independent living skills to be able to live by themselves. These young people need a safe environment to learn things like cooking, cleaning and budgeting while they continue with college or work and will have a dedicated support worker to help them achieve their goals. Supported Lodgings hosts may host a young person in their home for a few months up to a maximum of two years – however long it takes the young person to learn the skills they will need for a successful future. Supported Lodgings hosts will have a dedicated Host Coordinator throughout their hosting placement.

Fill in the form below to hear from a friendly Host Coordinator in your local area. They’ll be happy to give you more information and answer any questions you may have to help you figure out if hosting could be right for you.

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Georgia's story

"When I was 11 my mum died, and when I was 12 my dad died. It was tough, but it happens."

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Become a host for SASH

Find out more about hosting for SASH and how to apply.

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Rachel, Supported Lodgings Host

"It’s nice to be a safety net for young people for whom all the other safety nets seem to have fallen through. "

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