Our impact

We change the lives of hundreds of young people every year

The work we do, with our hosts, volunteers and partner agencies, gives those we help a new future.

In 2021-22 we:

  • Helped a total of 210 young people avoid homelessness
  • Arranged 884 safe nights for emergency stays
  • 13,029 nights of accommodation was provided in through Supported Lodgings

But statistics aren’t the real story.

What matters is the change we bring about for and within each individual. Most of the young people we help come from disadvantaged backgrounds and the issues which led to them becoming homeless will have built up over many years.

They have often developed mental health issues and have poor educational attainment. They might have been in and out of care, or be an Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child.

Unpicking and addressing these issues takes commitment and intensive personal support for every young person who comes to us. By working with our hosts and other partners, this is what we achieve.

“My mum died when I was 10. The difference that SASH has made has been unimaginably good. It was a very supporting environment … It has given me the space the time and the support to try and figure out who I was, who I am now.” Jessie

These young people thought that they would never have stability, or anyone who would listen to them and help them. They leave our service with confidence and aspirations for their future.

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The difference we make

To find out how we really make a difference, read our young people's experiences of SASH.

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