A special host treat in Scarborough

A special host treat in Scarborough

Aug 6, 2019

A special host treat in Scarborough

Tea in the courtyard

Some of our lovely hosts in Scarborough were treated to an afternoon tea by their young people early this month.

A group of seven of our lodgers had just completed a six-week cookery course, learning to make nutricious meals as well as cakes and biscuits. They decided to celebrate what they’d learnt by preparing afternoon tea for their hosts.

Kiah, Jane, Jen, Drew, Lu, Tayler  and xxx  did a fantastic job of showing off their newly acquired skills as they put together a splended spread of quiche, sausage rolls, sandwiches, scones and a red velvet cake.

After a busy but organised two and a half hours, they proudly served the tea in the sunny courtyard at the Rainbow Centre, to the delight of the assembled guests!

19 year old Kiah was responsible for the cake: “I’ve made it before but that was from a ready mix, this one was from scratch, my first time!”

Host Chris was thoroughly impressed with the result:

“It was a really fantastic afternoon tea. It was amazing to see what skills they learnt in just six weeks and how proud they were of their achievements.”

The course was led by former Food Technology teach Jan Harding, who kindly volunteered her time and expertise to help our young people. The sessions took place in the kitchen at the Rainbow Centre (conveniently just next door to our offices in Scarborough).

Our sincere thanks to Jan and Trish for making this possible!

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