Skills for Life Workshop

Skills for Life Workshop

Nov 12, 2019

Skills for Life Workshop

A group of seven young people from Scarborough recently took part in a skills for life workshop at Scarborough TEC.  The taster day workshop involved a range of hands-on activities covering different trades such as; automotive, brickwork, carpentry and joinery, electrical installation and plumbing.

The group learnt valuable skills like how to rewire a plug, bleed a radiator and change a washer in a tap.  As well as how to change a tyre, check the oil level in a car and even a pit stop tyre change race, which made the day an enjoyable and fun experience.

Young people living in difficult circumstances often don’t have the opportunity to learn these key skills.  The workshop provided young people with skills they can use at home when they live independently and some may decide to continue to develop these skills through various educational programmes.

Adele Coupe, Operations Manager for SASH commented: “Often young people come to us and don’t have any idea of what they want to do.  This workshop enabled them to explore potential vocations whilst developing some basic key skills that will help them, in the future, to live independently”.


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