“If I hadn’t come into SASH I don’t think I’d be doing very well if I’m honest.  It’s helped me so much.

I was living at a hostel in York.  It wasn’t a great place to be, but it was a roof over my head. I needed somewhere stable to live without other people where I could get in with a bad crowd.  I tried going back to college while I was there but it was too tricky.  There are so many distractions, people trying to get you to do stupid things …

I wasn’t keen on the idea of SASH, living with a stranger. But once I was settled there, I felt happy, like I could manage – it was amazing. So I went back to college and did an access course in healthcare.  My aim was to become a paramedic.

At first I struggled but then I got my head down, tried that extra bit harder and I came out with really good grades.

A lot of people didn’t believe I would manage the access course.

My SASH support worker was amazing, he supported me through everything, he stuck by me when other people were doubting me. He gave me advice, kept calm when I wasn’t!

In the past I’ve always doubted myself, never believed in myself, but my confidence has gone up now.

I took part in the Enable project at SASH and that’s been amazing, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve done! Just getting involved, helping out other people. I’ve learned new things, like gardening and decorating and the projects make a massive difference to other people’s lives.

I’m off to uni tomorrow.

I’ll be living in a shared house with five other people, so I’m panicking a little bit, but I feel I have the confidence to go and do it. I know if I need help, it’s ok to ask.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone in SASH. I’m going to miss everyone here. But I’m looking forward to my course at uni and qualifying as paramedic.

I want to come back when I’ve finished and hopefully inspire other individuals in SASH. Because when you start in SASH, you’re at rock-bottom and it’s hard to see a way out, it’s hard to envision a future, where you’re going to be.

I don’t think I would be where I am today without SASH. Before I came into SASH I couldn’t really see a future for myself.  But now I feel absolutely amazing, I can’t believe I’ve got to where I have.

In three years’ time I see myself standing at my graduation with hopefully my SASH workers there and knowing that it’s all been worth it, it’s all paid off!”

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