Donate in other ways

There are many other ways you can donate.


  • Some supporters have held funeral collections for SASH, or made a donation in memory of a loved-one.
  • Others choose to celebrate their wedding, an anniversary or their birthday by asking their friends and family to make a donation to SASH instead of presents.
  • You can also donate shares. Donating shares is a simple and tax-effective way of supporting our work. You can find details of how to do this on the ShareGift website, a charity which specialises accepting share donations.

Gifts in kind

We are often asked if we want items for our young people. This very much depends on the items.

  • Household goods, including mattresses: unfortunately we do not have the storage space to accommodate lots of household goods. However, if we have a young person about to move into their own home, the item you are offering might be just what they need. Please feel free to contact us to find out.
  • Clothing / Sleeping bags: because all of our young people are accommodated in the homes of volunteers, this is not something we can make use of.


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