Slayers V Sharks

Slayers V Sharks

Apr 3, 2019

Slayers V Sharks

Five of our young people have been building new skills and muscles in a special wheelchair basketball endeavour.

This new venture came about thanks to Peter Richardson, Chairman of Wetwheels Yorkshire, who took our young people out seal watching last year. Having met a few of our lodgers, Peter thought they’d also enjoy playing with the Yorks Sharks, a mixed able-bodied and disabled wheelchair basketball team that he is involved with.

And he was right. The SASH Slayers, as they call themselves, gathered every week for their practice against the Sharks. As Peter predicted, the sessions proved beneficial for everybody: “For those who are disabled, it’s a chance to get out and enjoy a team sport. Those who are able bodied realise that those with disabilities are just people. It’s a great atmosphere and the SASH young people have visibly enjoyed themselves.” he said.

The sessions fit really well with our SASH Active aims of increasing our young people’s involvement in their local community, reducing isolation and trying new challenges. The Slayers trained for seven weeks in the lead-up to the big day. Sadly, the match didn’t go their way on the night– it ended 44 – 8 to York Sharks, but all the players felt they’d had a great game regardless. They really enjoyed meeting new people and learning a new skill.

Dom, 18, had particular cause to be pleased. He narrowly beat 17-year-old Susan to be named ‘Most Valuable Player’. He said: “It was good getting to meet new people and really great to be given the award. I’ve really enjoyed coming!”

Our SASH Active Coordinator Gary Hogg was delighted with the sessions: “It’s a fantastic feeling to stand on the sidelines and watch all SASH young people integrate with the rest of the team. They are learning how to play a new sport but more importantly are increasing their confidence and self-esteem by playing and being part of the team”.

Our young people have had a great time and have come away with new skills and a greater appreciation of disability. We are very grateful to Peter Richardson and the York Sharks for this fantastic introduction to a new sport.

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