Grow your tenner

Grow your tenner

Dec 11, 2018

Grow your tenner

“When I turned 16 my Mum kicked me out. It was Christmas Eve.” Abi*

When Abi had to leave home she didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. We gave her a safe place to live with one of our hosts, and the support she needed so that after two years she could move into her own home with a bright future ahead of her.

In 2017-18, we helped over 330 young people like Abi avoid homelessness, but we rely heavily on donations for our services to be sustainable.

Regular donations are hugely important to our work because they help us budget for all those we need to help.

From Tuesday 11 December, if you give just £10 a month through Grow Your Tenner, your gift could be doubled for six months.

Can you give the gift of a safe place to stay with a regular donation to SASH?

Please help. Go to Grow your tenner and set up your gift today.

Conditions apply.  Please see Local Giving for details.

* Not her real name

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