“There were the cats, a piano and an open fire. I like all of those.”

I’ve been in SASH for four months. I’m liking it. There were constant arguments at home with my mother. Everything was an argument. Then one day my mum just kicked me out. It was a college day. I went into college and my tutor asked me what had happened. Luckily it was a half day, so I went to the council offices in Crescent Gardens after college, and spoke to the advisors there.

When I was told about SASH I thought the idea was interesting. I am quite open-minded, it gives you more opportunities to do things.

They sorted something for me in Nightstop so I could continue going to college. College helped me sort out a bursary as well, which helped. I stayed in Nightstop first for two weeks, then with my gran for a bit while I waited for my Supported Lodgings placement.


My first day here, I thought it was quite nice. There were the cats, a piano and an open fire. I like all of those. I felt very welcome, it was very relaxed. I play grade 4 piano. I had lessons until about last year and then my mum stopped them.

It only took a couple of weeks for me to settle in. Now I have an action plan with my support worker. We have a weekly meeting and a review every three months and she’s helped me get my DLA sorted for my Asperger’s. One of the things I’m learning is how to budget, and I’ve set up a savings account. I’m normally very good at paying my rent. As soon as I get my money, I pay that first.

I enjoy cooking. That’s something I’ve always done, since I was six. Now I cook a lot of pasta and I like doing Chinese food as well.

I’m doing Art and Design at college. Everyone on my course gets on. We’ve done a broad base of topics this year, and that’s given me chance to try different things and I’ve found I love ceramics – that’s what I’m going to specialise in next year. The teacher’s really good.

Since I’ve been in SASH, I’ve been chosen as course rep. If I had stayed at home, I don’t think I would have been able to do so well at college. I couldn’t focus. I was tired all the time. I didn’t have time to do my homework. Now I’m getting merits all the time.

I’m a lot happier now, I’m more relaxed. I’m enjoying things more, I’m finding life more fun. There’s always something I enjoy. I’ve been to loads of the SASH Active things, climbing, trampolining, the dinner with the Lord Mayor in York, Gay Pride in York.

I’m glad I’m in SASH. It’s very enjoyable. I’m just taking it easy for now. I’m not thinking of moving on just yet. I’ve got one year left at college, then I want to go to university to do ceramics.

Case Study


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