Supported Lodgings Case Studies

Supported Lodgings enables young people to develop the skills they need to move on into their own home.

These case studies explain why some young people come to use this service and the difference it has made to them.


“All I was thinking was, ‘what is going to happen to me?’”
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“I left home at 16 … It felt like anything could go wrong at any time”
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“The first time I visited the university, I remember thinking ‘this is too good for me’.”
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“Before I came into SASH I couldn’t really see a future for myself. But now I feel absolutely amazing, I can’t believe I’ve got to where I have.”

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“they’ve taught me so much about living, and looking after myself and making sure that I achieve everything I can”
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“My mum died when I was four years old. I was living on my own in my dad’s house from the age of 14 …”
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