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Sue Thompson


Sue Thompson

Sue has been involved with SASH for over 25 years and has been chair for 20 years. She started her professional life as an occupational therapist then became a lecturer, taking a special interest in health and social policy. She has since taken a keen interest in Government policy, particularly in relation to young people and homelessness.

Bringing up two boys she was aware of how young people can become estranged from families and how the support that her boys got was not always there for others.

Sue is very proud of the way SASH has developed over the years from a very small organisation to one that works county wide – making a difference for vulnerable young people and helping them get a better start in life when things have been difficult.

@sashinyork · Nov 7

RT @CityofYork: A team of young volunteers who have experienced homelessness, have completed another Enable project in the week of the init…

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