My mum kicked me out when I was 18. The next day I went to the Hinge Centre in Bridlington. I didn’t know it was here, I just googled how to get help. They put me in Nightstop for a couple of days.

Then I was offered a room in a hostel. I was there for about six months. I absolutely hated it. I moved in and within a couple of days people were doing drugs. It’s not something I did before but the others were like ‘try this, try that’, that’s how I started. I overdosed once and passed out on the beach. I woke up choking on my spit.

There was this young girl who took crack and she went into cardiac arrest. She was fitting. Nobody knew what to do, apart from me. I did CPR, I learnt it in high school. The paramedics took her to hospital. A month later I got kicked out of there – I wasn’t paying my rent.

I had a meeting at the Hinge about the possibility of moving back home. I moved back for about three or four months, but we kept having arguments and I had to leave again.

I went back to the Hinge and I was offered Nightstop again. It turns out I had a lot in common with my host, we like spending time together. I told the Hinge I absolutely love living there, now I’m in Supported Lodgings with them.

I’ve been there about a month now. It’s helping me a lot. I’m not having any arguments, I’m not hanging around with the wrong type of people. I’ve been off drugs since I moved out of the hostel in August.

Before, I had depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts. That was because of the drugs, and nightmares about the night I saved the lass’s life. And last year I lost my disabled cousin, he was only six but he was my best mate, I was really close to him. I just couldn’t cope with it and I wanted to kill myself.

Since I’ve been living with my hosts I’ve never thought that way. I’m learning how to budget my money. I know what comes first is having a roof over my head, not spending it on rubbish. I come to these Friday groups at the Hinge. Sometimes it’s cooking, or we might go bowling. I have a meeting every Thursday with my Support Worker.

I’m going to the Prince’s Trust and I’ve got a job interview tomorrow for bar work. Hopefully the next step for me is with the Hinge’s help to get a flat somewhere and get back in contact with my mum.

“If I weren’t in Supported Lodgings I haven’t a clue where I’d be now.”

If I weren’t in Supported Lodgings I haven’t a clue where I’d be now. I can’t thank my SASH worker enough. SASH and the Hinge have turned me around, made me a better person. When I get paid I want to buy my SASH worker a bunch of flowers for everything that she’s done for me.

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