Seal watching off Ravenscar

09th November 2018

Thanks to our new friends at Wetwheels Yorkshire our young people got to experience an amazing treat last week!

The group from York and Scarborough boarded a nine metre catamaran at Whitby harbour and headed out into the North Sea for some whale and seal watching off the Ravenscar coast. Sadly they didn’t spot any whales (probably still in hiding from the Halloween scares!) but there were seals aplenty!

Even better, the young people got to take turns at being the Captain, helming the boat at speeds of up to 30 knots (that’s 35mph to you and me!). The sun came out and they had an absolute blast.

Here’s some of their feedback, which we think says it all: “an amazing experience!” “I loved it!“fantastic experience!” “seeing the seals in their natural habitat was amazing, thank you so much!

Skipper Pete and the three volunteer crew members were all so lovely and accommodating that it made for a truly memorable day. From all of us at SASH, our sincere thanks!