Referrals v hosts

18th January 2018

Could you be a volunteer host for SASH?

Following on from our last news item with key Nightstop figures for 2017, here are some further statistics focusing on the number of hosts we have available in North Yorkshire.

The chart below compares the number of referrals for each area with the number of Nightstop hosts available.
picture of graph showing number of referrals and hosts per district in North Yorkshire

Whereas the number of Nightstop referrals from Scarborough (65) and Harrogate (58) account for 23 and 21 per cent of all North Yorkshire referrals respectively,  in Harrogate we only have two hosts to meet this level of demand, compared with 12 in Scarborough. Another area where we have a particular shortage is Selby, and although we have seven hosts in Hambleton, their availability is limited so we could also use more volunteers there.

Not having enough hosts in each area means that we are constantly calling on the same people to help, and also that we are sometimes having to turn young people away, or ask them to travel long distances to their emergency accommodation, adding to the stress of being homeless.

We are making an urgent plea for more volunteer hosts in all areas, to try to ensure that in 2018 we can continue to meet demand to help vulnerable 16-25 year olds.

If you are interested in finding out more about hosting, in any area, please to get in touch. There is more information about hosting here, you can call us on 01904 652043 or send us an email!