News from our Nightstop team

14th September 2018

Emma James and Steven Malcolm at the ready on our Nightstop referral line.

It’s ‘back to school’ time – but what if you’re homeless?

It’s September, and that means that a lot of the young people staying in Nightstop are starting college or sixth form, often for the first time. It’s a difficult time in anyone’s life, even without the added stress and insecurity that comes from being homeless.

That’s why we are extremely lucky to have our truly excellent Nightstop hosts who offer their spare rooms to homeless young people to give them a chance to get back on their feet.

Our hosts give them a hot meal, a place to stay, and the opportunity to clean up and get ready for the new challenges they’ll face in college. They’ll even wash their clothes and give them a pack-up lunch to take to college with them – though they might draw the line at helping with their homework!

‘Harry’ was kicked out by his parents in August. He stayed with one of our hosts in North Yorkshire. He was due to start A levels in September and with the help of our host and his housing worker he started back in sixth form whilst still in Nightstop. The host helped make sure he was clean and smart for the new term, and that he had somewhere to study in the evenings.

Being able to continue or return to education is really important for all young people. SASH and our hosts work hard to make sure that being homeless doesn’t mean the end of their hopes and dreams. Through our Nightstop service, we’re giving young people in difficult situations in North and East Yorkshire the best chance we can to do just that.

The Nightstop Team

If you are interested in being a SASH host, you can find out more here, or just call us on 01904 652043.