I’ve been left speechless by their generosity

13th September 2018

Marian Hilditch completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge in August and raised an amazing £660 for SASH!

Asked why she decided to help, Marian told us:

Three issues were of particular importance to me: mental health, homelessness, and domestic abuse. In my research for charities that support the homeless, SASH stood out right away as it focuses on young people, and provides very real, very tangible results. Like many others, the past few years I’ve been feeling that the world has been kicking the younger generation in the teeth with those less privileged hit the hardest. The least we can do is give them a helping hand and perhaps some hope that the world is not all a dark place.

I chose the Yorkshire Three Peaks because I thought it would be easier than building up to a half marathon (had done two of those). I was a fool. It’s hard! I negotiated every step of that 23 mile trek with myself. I came out bruised, exhausted and completely overwhelmed. It was impossible, undoable and downright ludicrous to think I was up for it – but I did it. And I will remember it forever.

I’ll leave you with saying that the biggest surprise was not my own stubbornness, and the most rewarding part of the experience has not been my own achievement, but the number of people who came out in support of me and SASH. I’ve been left speechless by their generosity, and forever grateful to them for proving to me that it is indeed compassion, not hate, that keeps the world turning.

Our sincere thanks to Marian and all who supported her on her endeavours. If you too would like to take on a challenge for SASH, please just get in touch!