Help us spread the word!

19th April 2018

After a very successful recruitment drive we have seven fantastic new volunteer speakers currently in training.

They will soon be available to talk to the public at fundraising events and to give brief talks to community groups and supporters.

Our volunteer speakers do a wonderful job helping to increase awareness of our work by reaching out to people who may not have heard about SASH before and explaining how SASH makes a difference to vulnerable young people.

Calum, one of our new speakers said he had decided to volunteer because he wanted to “use his personal skills to raise awareness and help fight the problem of youth homelessness.”

If you run a community, church or business group, you can help too by inviting one of our speakers along to any gathering of people who would be interested in hearing about our work!

To find out more, just call Emma Bracegirdle 01904 652043  or click here to send Emma an email!