A Haunted Forest and a Zombie Apocalypse

06th November 2017

Nine of our young people in Supported Lodgings in York, Hull and Bridlington had a fantastic time at a Halloween themed activity break at Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre last week!

The group, all aged between 16 and 19, enjoyed a thrilling two nights and three days at the centre. The activities included abseiling, zip wires, a challenge course, and lots of team games as well as a special Haunted Forest Ghost Walk and  Zombie Apocalypse Frightline!

Our young people certainly did us proud. They impressed everyone with their enthusiasm and behaviour and were great to work with! The instructors at Peat Rigg said that they had really enjoyed working with them and said that it was very unusual to get a group of that age that not only got on so well, but more importantly gave everything a go.

The young people were all asked for feedback at the end and some common themes emerged, including making new friends, gaining confidence, learning new skills and working as part of a team, and learning to trust. One young person said he had gained ‘happiness’!

“It was a fantastic experience that raised my confidence and gained me new strengths, skills and friends and took me away from my problems.” Bethany

“I have been really lucky to have such a good experience.  Thank you for letting me come.” Katrina

“The start of this week was really tough.  I lost my grandma on Sunday and I wasn’t going to come, but the trip took my mind off everything.  I can’t thank SASH and Peat Rigg staff enough! Thanks to whoever paid for this amazing opportunity!” Ollie

Gary Hogg, SASH Active Coordinator said: “I was proud to have been a part of such a motivated, considerate and respectful group. They were all an absolute pleasure to be around and I’m so glad that they were able to take away as much from the experience as they all clearly did.”

Our thanks to our SASH Active funders who made this trip possible!