Soup for SASH

Make soup, invite friends, raise money for SASH

Soup for SASH is a ‘win-win’ way for you to raise some funds to support our work!

You get to show off your tasty soup-making skills, your friends get lovely soup, and we get more funds to help young people facing homelessness.

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Advertise your Soup for SASH. We’ve got a poster to help!
  2. Make your soup, share it with friends or colleagues in return for a donation to SASH. If you need inspiration, download the recipes on this page!
  3. Pay in your donations. You can do this online on our ‘Donate‘ page, send us a cheque at 107-109 Walmgate, YO1 9UA (make it out to SASH) or visit us in person.
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