Fire Safety for our lodgers

09th October 2017

We are very grateful to North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for a fantastic ‘Fire Safety in the Home’ talk to SASH lodgers and hosts.

The event took place last Wednesday and was led by Community Fire Safety Officer, Helen Richardson. As she pointed out: “Just some basic common sense changes in our homes can save lives“.

Tips for young people and hosts included keeping phones and laptops away from their bedding and limiting cheap electrical gadgets. Hosts were also encouraged to monitor and check their home appliances and not leave them on overnights or when they go out.

The talk also also stressed the importance of everyone in the household agreeing where to go in the event of a fire and not to attempt to put a fire out themselves.  The advice is:”Get out and call for help!

All SASH hosts were offered free home checks, which are available to everyone under the North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Safe & Well scheme.

Highlights of the evening included a tour round the station, sitting on a fire engine and watching a real life 999 emergency unfold!

Our special thanks to Helen Richardson for a highly informative evening!