SASH at York Pride

SASH at York Pride

Jun 14, 2019

SASH at York Pride

Our young people had a great time at York Pride again this year

We enjoyed a special spot right at the front of the parade thanks to our friends at York Dungeon, whose theme this year was Dungeons and Drag Queens.

Given the unpleasant weather, the group’s suncream supplies proved sadly superfluous! Nevertheless, our intrepid young people walked the entire length of the parade from York Minster to the Knavesmire, holding the SASH banner (complete with rainbow adornments!) high above their heads.

They thoroughly enjoyed being involved in an event that is getting bigger and better each year.

“I had an amazing day, even though we all got very wet!” Suzan, 17

The event’s message of inclusion, equality and diversity is an important one for all of us at SASH. Our thanks to York Pride for a brilliant and well organised event, York Dungeon for partnering with us for the second year running and to our fantastic young people who were all soaking wet but carried on regardless!

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