Scarborough Creativity Group

Scarborough Creativity Group

May 3, 2019

Scarborough Creativity Group

When two OT students, Bryony and Evie, joined SASH for an eight week work placement, they focused their attention on supporting our young people in Scarborough through our SASH Active programme.

Amongst the many workshops they ran was a Creativity Group – a chance to switch off from everything that’s going on, and do something creative.

With the impending office move in mind, our young people were invited to produce pieces of art that would help decorate the new offices and create a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for young people joining the service.

The results have reaped benefits for the young people and our offices alike. Four of the young artists explained their work.

Drew: “I wanted to tell the story of my journey of getting into SASH. I tried to avoid it at first, it took a bit of persuading but finally I came in. It was the right decision, I can’t think where I’d be without SASH. It’s made a big difference to me.”

Hannah “I thought if someone comes in and they’ve had a really rubbish time, and they saw this, it might make it a little bit better.

James: “to succeed you have to take everything with you, and if you fail just pick yourself up and try again. To me success means trying to be the best person I can be.”

Jen: “I’ve been in SASH about a year, it’s good. I wanted to do something inspirational for new people that come into the service to show what sort of work SASH do.

Around 15 young people got involved and enjoyed it so much that they asked for it to continue. The group is now led by them – they say what they want to do and our Scarborough team supply the materials. Future plans include sewing and tie-dyeing.

Our thanks to Bryony and Evie for their inspiration, and to our young people for their wonderful work!

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