A home make-over for Jean

A home make-over for Jean

Apr 25, 2019

A home make-over for Jean

Our Enable team does it again!

Our award-winning Enable project saw our wonderful young people take on a new challenge last week: a home make-over for 72 year old Jean Fennell, who has just moved into a new flat at Glen Lodge.

While the flat was better suited to Jean’s needs than her old home, it was a little sparse. She had limited family support and was going to struggle to turn it into somewhere comfortable and welcoming.  Glen Lodge contacted the Enable team for help and SASH Active Coordinator Gary Hogg gathered the crew!

Five of our young people offered their time and turned out to help. Jean spent the day in the communal lounge while the team got cracking. Gary describes the work they did:

“We decorated the kitchen, then transformed the lounge with a fresh coat of paint and a feature wall in a bright wallpaper. We finished off by putting up pictures, a mirror, light shade and fitted a new curtain pole and blind.

Before leaving we retuned Jean’s TV so she can put her feet up and watch her favourite programmes in the comfort of her newly decorated lounge!”

Jean was over the moon with what they’d accomplished: “It’s fantastic!” she said. The young people loved seeing her reaction to their work and got a huge amount out of the day.

24 year old Raid said: ” It was a pleasure helping and I was amazed by the support from all the other young people. I learned more about teamwork and painting skills. The outcome was great, looked like a different place. I’ll be more confident when I have to decorate my own place. I loved seeing Jean’s reaction when she saw it!”

Our thanks to Beth, Kieran, Kieran, Mo and Raid. You did a fantastic job and should be proud of the difference you’ve made!

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