SASH Active Money Management

SASH Active Money Management

Mar 6, 2019

SASH Active Money Management

“I learnt to stay away from overdrafts, cos they’re hard to get out of and can put you in serious debt.” Dom, 18

Our young people in York and Harrogate took part in a workshop last week on Money Management, run by colleagues at Nationwide.

The workshop covered the range and types of bank accounts available, explained interest, overdrafts and fees, bank charges, the main types of fraud and how to not fall victim to these.

Six of our young people attended and everyone had some useful key information they took away from the session.

For Abbas (18) it was simply ‘not to borrow money that you can’t pay back’ and for 19 year old Ellie it was to look out for fraud, for example cameras at cash machines.

A very useful session for everyone which they all appreciated. Our thanks to Saffron Goldthorpe and Rebecca Senior from Nationwide!

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