Resettlement scheme in East Riding

Resettlement scheme in East Riding

Jul 20, 2018

Resettlement scheme in East Riding

This service is for young people who are in precarious accommodation, but not immediately requiring SASH accommodation. In 2017-18, 78 young people were provided with support through this arrangement.

One of these young people is Paige, who has lived in Bridlington since 2015. Her mum had downsized into a one bed flat before Christmas and Paige, who was 18 at the time, was now having to sleep on the sofa. The situation was not sustainable, and Paige went to The Hinge for help last January.

She was offered Nightstop as a first step, but felt too anxious about staying with strangers and went to her sister’s for a few nights before returning to mum’s sofa. In April, Paige came back to The Hinge as her mum was planning to leave Bridlington in three weeks’ time.

Despite sleeping on a sofa and her mother about to move away, Paige was only eligible for limited support from the Local Authority. The Resettlement service offered Paige help to find a property to rent, and then made applications to charities to help her fund the move. With help from the Vicar’s Relief Fund to finance the month’s rent in advance, Paige was able to move into a property the same week that her Mum left for Halifax.

The Hinge also helped Paige get her Housing Benefit, sort out her Council Tax and utility bills and set up the meter in her flat. Just as importantly says Paige: “They were there to listen and reassure me. They let me know where to be and when. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression, they’ve helped me with that as well.

Asked how she was finding living on her own, Paige said:“It’s been difficult, but I’ve just had  to look on the bright side. I’m looking for an apprenticeship now. Anything where I can help people like caring, support work, something like that. I’d love to be able to come home from work and say I’ve helped people.”

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